Blog Posts in 2016

  • 1-Sep-2016

    What are the Benefits of Contingency Fees?

    Any product or service that comes with no risk and a high chance of reward is something worth looking into and grabbing the moment it comes up. Imagine being able to hire a plumber and not paying them a cent if the job wasn’t completed to 100% ...
  • 4-Aug-2016

    What is a Catastrophic Injury?

    If you are lucky, any injury you experience due to the negligence of another will be minor, perhaps requiring a week’s rest at most. But in certain situations, no amount of preparation or carefulness can prepare you for the impact an accident ...
  • 6-Jul-2016

    What to Do After a Product Hurts You

    As an American consumer, you are likely bombarded each day with advertisements that are trying to sell you the absolute product for your buck. But how many are actually concerned about being the absolute safest? According to the United States ...
  • 1-Jun-2016

    Summertime Safety Tips and Hints

    A Southern Californian summer means long days of bright sunlight and hot asphalt. No better time of the year is there, though, to spend time with friends and family outdoors, finding ways to enjoy each other’s company and beat the heat. You may ...
  • 4-May-2016

    Talcum Powder Lawsuits Result in Two Winning Verdicts for Plaintiffs

    Talcum powder, commonly marketed as baby powder, has been under high scrutiny for decades after it was discovered to have a possible link to increasing a woman’s chances of contracting ovarian or fallopian tube cancer in the 1970s. After recent ...
  • 4-Apr-2016

    How Does the FDA Test for Dangerous Drugs?

    Dangerous drugs are a serious concern for all Americans. Not just illegal recreational drugs, either, but also prescription and over-the-counter medications that doctors recommend on a daily basis. Most television stations will have one or two ...
  • 2-Mar-2016

    Recognizing Brain Injury Symptoms

    A single brain injury can leave devastating, lifelong consequences with the victim and their family. Immediate impacts may be loss of motor control, coma, or even wrongful death. But not every brain injury is going to be readily apparent, and this ...
  • 1-Feb-2016

    Hoverboard Fires and Other Dangers

    The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has officially begun a wide-scale investigation of hoverboard defects across the country. Currently, 42 incidents of fire outbreaks are on their radar with one of the most recent cases ...

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