What to Do After a Product Hurts You

Posted By Law Offices of Joel Parker || 6-Jul-2016

As an American consumer, you are likely bombarded each day with advertisements that are trying to sell you the absolute product for your buck. But how many are actually concerned about being the absolute safest? According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), millions upon millions of Americans are injured each year due to one product or another.

With dangerous or defective products seemingly on every shelf, you could reasonably find yourself hurt by one someday. If you do, knowing how to handle the situation can dramatically increase your chances of filing a successful product liability lawsuit.

Follow these five simple steps after you have been hurt by a consumer product:

  1. Get medical attention: Do not put off seeing a doctor or physician for any reason. If you are hurt, you need to get help as soon as possible. If possible, remove the dangerous product from reach of anyone else while you are treated to prevent further injuries or tampering. You should also keep in mind that the medical records created during your treatment can be used as evidence later in your claim.
  2. Check product warnings: Once you have the opportunity to do so, review the product’s packaging and body for any warnings, especially those pertaining to the injury you have suffered. If there is a warning, is the language written clearly enough to be valuable to you, the consumer?
  3. Review recalls and news: The CPSC website has an extensive list of all recent recalls in the country. Visit it and browse news stories to see if this is a known problem that should have been addressed by the product manufacturer.
  4. Gather your evidence: Take photographs of the dangerous product, write down how it was being used when it hurt you, and print out any recall notices or news stories you find about it being hazardous. The more evidence you can get regarding the consumer product, the better.
  5. Retain an attorney: Filing a product liability claim can be both complicated and difficult. Product manufacturers named as defendants may have teams of lawyers at the ready to shut down your case the moment it starts. You will need to be ready to even the playing field by filing with the assistance of a reputable attorney.

At the Law Offices of Joel Parker, I can provide you with comprehensive legal services that walk you through the filing process after you have been hurt by a defective consumer product. For more than 40 years, I have been known as a trustworthy and compassionate San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer. When you retain my services, you can rest knowing that someone who genuinely cares about the outcome of your case is on your side.

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