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Each year, thousands of people are injured in motorcycle accidents across the country. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents result in extremely serious injuries or fatalities. On top of these detrimental injuries, victims usually have to pay large sums out of pocket in order to make repairs to their motorcycles.

With so many busy freeways in Southern California, it is easy to see why accidents are so common. Since motorcyclists have little protecting them from the pavement or the vehicle that struck them, they usually sustain severe injuries. If you have been hurt, it is imperative that you work with an attorney.

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Types of Motorcycle Accidents

In the San Fernando Valley riding a motorcycle is a popular mode of transportation in order to navigate through thick traffic. My firm has been serving motorcycle injury victims for 40 years and I am well-versed in all types of motorcycle accidents including:

  • Single-bike accidents where the motorcyclist doesn't collide with another vehicle but they wipe out on their own due to bike malfunction, unforeseen road hazards, bad weather and things of that nature.
  • Rear-end motorcycle accidents when a motor vehicle hits a motorcyclist from behind because they did not see them or they misjudged the distance between their car and the bike.
  • Limited visibility motorcycle accidents where a driver fails to notice the motorcycle or they are just not paying attention and they fail to yield to the motorcyclist. In many cases, a motorcycle has the right of way under California law.
  • Lane changing accidents where the drivers fail to look before switching lanes and they failed to see the motorcycle driving by them or past them.

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Motorcycle crashes can be frightening and can leave victims with long term disabilities and large out of pocket expenses. Do not face the court system alone. Turn your trust to my firm.

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