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Every year, there are thousands of dangerous car accidents on California roadways. Reckless and careless drivers are everywhere, especially now that everyone has a smart phone in their pocket. Even if everyone drives carefully, poor weather and street conditions can cause terrible accidents. No matter the circumstances surrounding your car accident, you should retain a San Fernando Valley car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Joel Parker to help you pursue financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

I am proud to say that I have 40 years of experience practicing personal injury law, and have helped recover more than $65 million for my clients.

I, Attorney Joel Parker, understand the ins and outs of car accident claims and can use my experience to give you the representation you deserve. Nothing should be on your mind while you recover from your traumatic and painful experience. It is my truthful goal to handle every aspect of your claim and keep your involvement at an absolute minimum. I would expect such respect and consideration in my time of need and so I give exactly that to my clients.

I provide free consultations to all inquiring parties, and work on a contingency fee basis – you don't pay me until you win a settlement!

Car Accident Injuries Can Hurt Your Future Well-Being for Years

The consequences of a traffic collision can be catastrophic. Without proper representation, your insurance company or others involved in the accident might try to provide you with less financial compensation than you deserve.

Damage and suffering caused to you by a car accident may include:

  • Neck and head injuries – lingering whiplash
  • Debilitating bone breaks
  • Emotional trauma
  • Expensive medical bills and repair costs
  • Inability to function at work
  • Insurance rate hikes
  • Serious brain injury – blindness, insomnia, or inability to focus

Ideally, you will be covered for a number of requirements after suffering from a car accident, such as repairs, medical costs, wages lost while you recover, and even rental car coverage. More often than not, however, insurance providers will try to give you the bare minimum to save themselves money. You don't have to accept the first settlement they give you.

With a dedicated attorney, you may be able to receive all the benefits you deserve, as well as any monies for punitive or nominal damages. Even the other motorist involved in your collision was uninsured – or if you were in a hit and run accident – I can help you seek restitution and avoid paying everything out of your own pocket.

You May Need to File a Personal Injury Claim After Any Car Accident

There is a common misconception that if there is no damage to the vehicle, there must be no harm done to the passengers. It is simply not true. Even in "minor" crashes, whiplash, painful bruising, and other injuries can occur. Damage that is not immediately felt could also cause serious trauma days or weeks later.

Five Things You Must Do After an Accident

At the Law Offices of Joel Parker, an experienced San Fernando Valley car accident attorney can help you recover compensation for the following types of auto accidents, and more:

After a car accident, if you are not being treated fairly, your rights as a responsible driver on California roadways are being ignored. I fully believe it is my duty to protect you from mistreatment and help you pursue justice. Let me prove to you just what my commitment and care for your case can do. Since I proudly work on a contingency fee basis, you have nothing to lose.

Don't hesitate any longer! Contact the Law Offices of Joel Parker today to speak to a personal injury lawyer that wants to fight for you!

"It has always been my philosophy that the client's only job is to get better and my job is to handle everything else."

- Attorney Joel Parker

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