Hoverboard Fires and Other Dangers

Posted By Law Offices of Joel Parker || 1-Feb-2016

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has officially begun a wide-scale investigation of hoverboard defects across the country. Currently, 42 incidents of fire outbreaks are on their radar with one of the most recent cases stemming from a house fire started by a hoverboard in San Leandro, California. In mid-January, one of the popular holiday gifts actually exploded in Petaluma, California, ultimately causing the death of two family dogs.

Although the CPSC has not released an official and final verdict on what is causing hoverboards to burst into flames without warning, much of the evidence seems to point directly at defective lithium batteries. When a hoverboard charges for any amount of time, the battery can spark and ignite the rest of the circuitry in the machine or anything flammable nearby. If you have a hoverboard, it is recommended that you either charge it while it is within your field of view and near nothing flammable – perhaps in a cemented garage or outdoor area – or be rid of the device altogether.

(Check out a full article from NBC Bay Area here for more information.)

Fires and Falls: The Many Dangers of Hoverboards

The CPSC is primarily focusing on the 42 fire cases involving hoverboards. While this is already a high number of hazards caused by just one type of mobility device, it does not even take into consideration the near-countless number of slip and fall injuries sustained by riders. From cracked ribs to broken wrists, many people have been bucked off a hoverboard with no warning or error on their part and suffered serious consequences.

Since many hoverboards were sold through temporary holiday kiosks at malls and came with no instructions, safety manuals, or even manufacturer identification, figuring out who is accountable for your injuries or property damage caused by the defective product can be difficult. If you have been hurt by a hoverboard and need to seek compensation, turn to the Law Offices of Joel Parker for help. A San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney from my firm can help you create a lawsuit that considers all damages and pushed for the maximum recovery possible. Dial 888.763.9578 or schedule a free case evaluation today for more information.

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