Proving Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

Posted By Law Offices of Joel Parker || 1-Dec-2015

Even though slipping on a banana peel is a common gag in cartoons, there is really nothing comical about an actual slip and fall accident. Innocent people all around the country suffer debilitating injuries from such incidents every day, and usually because someone else was too negligent to keep their home or business tidy. In fact, out of all the forms of premises liability cases, slip accidents are estimated to be the most common.

And yet, those who have taken a painful fall still face enormous amounts of resistance when seeking compensation for what happened. The accountable party regularly tries to shift blame back onto the injured, claiming that they were simply being careless, not paying attention, or, even worse, staging their accident to try to collect money through a lawsuit.

This begs the important question: if you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, do you know how to prove that liability should not be on your shoulders?

Useful Tips for Proving Liability in Your Case

  1. Unblinking eye: If your accident occurred in a retail or business location, there is a pretty high chance that a security camera saw it. Ask the manager or owner to give you a copy of the relevant footage. If they refuse or destroy the footage, this could be seen as unlawful tampering with your case.
  2. Your own records: Try to take photographs of the area of your slip and fall as well. Getting up close, detailed, and numerous pictures of the scene can help insurance adjusters and attorneys piece together what happened and see the truth of your tumble.
  3. Good Samaritans: Most people are actually very helpful when it comes to assisting someone who has been injured; all you need to do is ask them if they saw what happened. Collect written testimonies from those willing to support your claims.
  4. Dangerous history: There may also be a history of hazards at the property in question. You may be able to ask around to see if other people, or employees of the establishment, have anything to say about the cause of your fall. You can also see if your lawyer can find public records of previous lawsuits against the owner or controller.

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