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Has your child been injured due to negligent childcare? As a parent, one of the most difficult decisions that you have to make is who to entrust the care of your child to. It is impossible for you to be there at all times and while you are at work or out running errands, you can only have faith that your child care provider is watching over them as well as you do. Whoever is entrusted to care for children has a significant responsibility to keep them out of harm's way. A parent's worst nightmare is to receive that dreaded phone call when they tell you that your child has been injured and needs medical attention.

If your child was injured while at daycare, you are going to want to know how they were hurt, what happened and who was personally responsible. As an experienced child injury attorney, I can help you get the answers you need and the justice that your family deserves.

Daycare facilities carry heavy liability in their line of work. If your child is injured while under their supervision, there may be serious consequences. At Law Offices of Joel Parker, I have handled a broad range of daycare injury claims including:

  • Playground accidents
  • Unsafe equipment
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Lack of supervision
  • Electrical equipment
  • Damaged appliances
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Shaken baby syndrome

Proving Daycare Negligence

In order to pursue a daycare injury claim you must be able to prove that the child care provider was negligent and breached the standard duty of due care for your child. Once you have established the negligence of the daycare facility, you must correlate that as being the direct cause for your child's injuries. This is known as "causation." When you establish that their injuries were a direct result of negligence, the daycare entity must assume liability for the incident and you will be able to file a claim with its insurance carrier for monetary compensation. Before accepting a settlement from the insurance company, it would definitely be in your best interest to speak with an experienced San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney.

Searching for an attorney for a daycare injury case in the San Fernando Valley?

Having an attorney review the proposal is always in your best interest because the insurance companies usually offer the bare minimum and you lose out on the full amount of compensation that you are legally entitled to. With the help of my firm, you will be able to maximize your claim and recover the total restitution that your family deserves. The monetary compensation is to cover all of your child's medical expenses and treatment as well as their pain and suffering. Keep in mind that you have a limited time period in which to file your claim, so call and tell me about your case today.

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