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Have you sustained a serious burn injury in a fire? According to the United State Fire Administration, there are more than 4,000 people that die every year as a result of fires and another 23,000 sustain serious burn injuries which require hospitalization. On average, there are 2.4 million burn injuries reported throughout the U.S. every year. These injuries are now occurring on an epidemic level and doctors have realized that burn injury victims not only suffer physical trauma but emotional trauma as well. Burn injuries currently come in second for the leading cause of accidental death, right behind car accidents.

If you have been scalded or burned in the State of California, it is vital that you seek immediate medical attention and find an experienced San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney to discuss your case. If negligence was the cause of your burn injury in any way, I will help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. It is a known fact that burn injuries are some of the most expensive catastrophic injuries to treat. On average, they can cost you around $200,000 in medical bills. In cases where reconstruction work or rehabilitation treatment is necessary, those costs can substantially grow even higher. Contact the Law Offices of Joel Parker today and work to recover the full amount of restitution that you are legally entitled to.

Most Burn Injuries Are Preventable

Studies show that nearly half of all burn injuries could have been prevented. Did you know that 1 in every 13 buildings that catch on fire was started by a small child who was left unattended and played with matches? In 1992, there were 16,500 reported cases of burns sustained in retail service, 9,500 incidents of burn injuries in the manufacturing business and 8,600 injuries for people who worked in food service. There were also 15,700 reports of chemical burns from victims who worked in retail, industrial work or manufacturing. Many burn injury victims get burned outside the home while second most common place is in the kitchen.

Burn injuries are often caused by on-the-job accidents, car accidents, structural fires, electrical burns (electrocution), thermal burns, and chemical burns.

The majority of these burns were sustained while working on the job. If you or a loved one has sustained serious burn injuries, consult with a San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer from my firm today to see if you have a valid personal injury or workers' compensation claim.

Consequences of Burn Injuries

Not many people are aware of the many lasting effects that a burn injury victim will have. Here are some common consequences of burn injuries:

  • In some cases where the victim suffers third degree burns
  • The skin may not regrow
  • They may need a skin graft where the doctor takes skin from another undamaged area of the body
  • After a burn, skin will also lose elasticity because of the scar tissue and will not be able to stretch
  • Many burn victims also experience a loss of sensory feeling and they are no longer able to rely on their sense of touch to tell when things are too hot or too cold
  • A strange side effect of burn injuries is that some victims are no longer able to perspire after being seriously burned. This means that their body can no longer cool itself down as it normally would because their skin tissue has been compromised
  • Burn injury victims may also be extra sensitive to weather conditions and may need to protect themselves from harsh sunlight and other elements
  • The dead burned skin needs to be removed in order for new skin to grow in. If this is not done, the burn victims could be highly susceptible to infection.

San Fernando Valley Burn Injury Attorney

Need an attorney for a burn injury case in Southern California? Here at the Law Offices of Joel Parker, I have been providing quality legal services since 1976. I focus on helping personal injury victims with financial recovery by maximizing their claim and recovering the full amount of compensation they deserve.

With 40 years' experience in the field of personal injury law, my firm has already recovered over $65 million in verdicts and settlements for clients

My belief is that it is your job to get well while I handle everything else. I understand that burn injuries are some of the most painful and most expensive injuries to treat. Skin is full of neuron receptors which are used to send messages to the brain and when those are burned, they are easily damaged. Whether you have a minor first degree burn injury or a more severe second or third degree burn injury, I can help you seek fair restitution from the responsible party.

Burn injuries can be life-altering and could leave victims with extensive scar tissue or even a permanent disability. Many burn victims require numerous skin graft surgeries in order to repair the damage and the recovery process can be slow and painful. If you or a family member has been seriously burned in a fire or a work incident, it is definitely in your best interest to seek legal counsel. My firm handles these cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don't have to pay a dime unless I win your case.

Contact my firm today to speak with a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney. Also take advantage of my online free consultation!

"It has always been my philosophy that the client's only job is to get better and my job is to handle everything else."

- Attorney Joel Parker

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