Causes of Truck Accidents

Major Factors in Collisions

Were you involved in a truck accident? Many people who are hit do not know what caused the accident or who was at fault for the collision. There has been plenty of research into determining the main causes of collisions and what the contributing factors of truck accidents are. Based on the findings, there are three factors common to several truck accidents:

Distracted Driving
Just like passenger car drivers, distracted driving is incredibly dangerous to truck drivers. Operators who are texting, talking on the phone, looking at maps and road signs or are unfamiliar with roadways may become distracted from the road. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents in the U.S.

Driver Fatigue
Truck drivers are usually on a tight schedule. They have deadlines to meet and hundreds of miles to cross in short amounts of time. Although there are regulations in place to help limit the amount of time that a driver goes without sleep, driver fatigue is one of the main reasons why truck operators get into collisions. It is estimated that a driver who stays awake for more than 24 hours may have the same reaction time as a driver who is intoxicated. Driver fatigue is incredibly dangerous to truck drivers and passenger vehicles alike.

Poor Maintenance
Failure to maintain a truck can lead to break down, worn out brakes, computer errors and a slew of other mechanical and maintenance problems. These fast-moving, heavy machines sometimes operate 365 days a year and if drivers or managing companies fail to properly maintain their vehicles, serious complications can endure. Neglect to tires, brakes, hitches, and mud flaps can lead to major collisions.

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